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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Malaysian Actress Angelica Lee's Boyfriend Spotted with Model

Internationally-acclaimed actress Oxide Pang is said to have betrayed Lee by bringing a model to a hotel room in Hong Kong, China Press reported.

The latest edition of Hong Kong magazine Face reported that Pang, who is a film director, had brought the model, Kama, to a pub before taking her to a hotel room on Sunday.
The Kedah-born actress, who is back in Malaysia to promote her latest movie ‘In Road to Dawn’ and to visit her family, refused to comment, the daily reported.

It quoted Lee’s manager as saying that she had full faith in Pang, who was just sending a friend back to her hotel room.

Lee and Pang have been together for the past seven years and are currently staying together in Hong Kong, the daily reported.

The award-winning actress, who is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, is best known for her appearance in ‘The Eye’, the Asian hit horror movie which won her the Golden Horse Best Actress and Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Festival.

Lee is also among the few Asian artistes to receive an award at the Berlin Film Festival, winning the Best Newcomer Award in 2002 for her role in Betelnut Beauty.


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